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Sangre de Cristo Youth Ranch Summer Camp is a non-profit experiential education program for young people making the journey from childhood to adulthood.  Small groups of youth from diverse backgrounds share the summer on a working farm/ranch building their own unique community.  This transformational experience has been provided free of charge for over a quarter century.

On the ranch, children are immersed in a world of possibilities.  They are challenged and nurtured in mind, body and spirit.  Campers learn life skills, attitudes and values that will hopefully help them enjoy a happy, fulfilled and socially responsible future. 

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What makes Sangre de Cristo Youth Ranch Summer Camp special:

1. Work

On the ranch, work is fun.  Campers learn new skills and do big deeds.  Youth discover the real value of work when they are empowered to do real valuable work.  We share duties such as: growing and preparing food, washing dishes, and doing laundry.  Campers compete for cleanest cabin and hardest worker honors.  Work crews take care of horse training, construction of facilities, reforestation, soil conservation, farming, goat milking, haying, irrigating, fence repair, camp care, and other service work.


2. Play

Pastimes at camp include fine art projects, sports and field games, craft making, music jams, drama and film production, archery, equestrianism, survival skills, boating and swimming, writing, nature walks, and many other engaging activities initiated by our talented campers and staff.  We enjoy evenings by the campfire singing, playing games, performing skits, and storytelling.  Each day is a new opportunity to broaden horizons.


3. Adventure

Sangre de Cristo Youth Ranch connects with some of the most spectacular wilderness on Earth.  We raft down the Rio Grande and Chama rivers, and hike up the Southern Rockies.  Expeditions encourage teamwork and overcoming personal limitations.  Participants discover a sense of accomplishment and awe while exploring a vast and unspoiled landscape.