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Few issues are more explosive in the desert Southwest than water, yet we all tend to take it for granted.  How does water get to our tap, and will it be there tomorrow?  

“Water, Right?" is a short documentary film researched, filmed and edited by middle school students at Roots and Wings Community School in partnership with Localogy, Taos Shortz and film students from Santa Fe University of Art and Design.  The May premiere drew an enthusiastic response, and later in the year we will release the full hour-long version delving deeper into the issues.

Water through a new lens- RWCS students focus on filmmaking skilz

Water through a new lens- RWCS students focus on filmmaking skilz

The film taps the questions: Who owns the water in Taos? How will climate change impact our water? Should Santa Fe be allowed to take water from Taos County? Is water private property of a human right? What are the limits of growth? Should Taos County pass a Land Use Code? Who should get the water: municipalities or farmers? What is a water right? What is the history of water in our communities? Who should make decisions about our water? How expensive will water be in the future? What can we do to protect our water?

The students also published a companion volume of essays, called “The Last Drop”.  The book features content from the movie, bonus interviews and creative works.  Copies can be purchased for $5.  To get your copy of the book, or arrange a local showing of the movie, contact Daniel

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