Community Agriculture

Lama Ladies put the Community in "Community Supported Agriculture"

Lama Ladies put the Community in "Community Supported Agriculture"

Most critters on Earth spend the majority of their waking hours finding food.  If we don’t eat enough calories, we don’t stay alive.  And one timeless rule of nature: you have to put out calories to get calories.  Never in history have people gotten more food for less actual work than in America today.

The average farmer in Iowa feeds 155 other individual people.  Feeding the whole world by yourself on a tight budget is hard work.  No wonder those guys cut some corners- dumping toxic chemicals on our food, rearranging its DNA, washing thousands of years of topsoil into the gulf of Mexico, etc.

Our food comes from a natural system.  Ultimately, the only way the system will be healthy is if we participate in it- every person, every day.

This year, the working members of the Lama Community Farm have taken control of their calories.  For several months, the neighbor farmers have been meeting weekly to plan and plant a true community food project.  There’s a lot of work ahead, it’s a big learning curve for all of us, and you never know how a growing season will go.  But one thing is for sure- there’s no more noble way to spend the day than feeding yourself and your friends.