You Can Fit In

We know you are one of a kind.  Now you can be one of the kind people who donate to the good work of Localogy.  As a camp parent pointed out, not everybody can just click on that paypal button to make the big donation.  When it comes to giving - one size does not fit all.  So by popular demand... we give you two new ways to share with the kids:

  1. Automatic recurring payment.  Take a moment to sign up and a robot will automatically donate a dollar amount of your choosing at a regular time interval that fits your budget.  Giving has never been so painless.  And of course you can make it stop at any time.
  2. Stock donation.  We can now receive direct donations of stocks.  Instead of contributing your earnings to the capital gains tax, send those old stocks to Localogy and we'll make some real-world gains.  Contact us for more information.
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