You Are What You Eat—Be a Local


Well folks, I finally bought the farm:

Land: 60 acres
Water: 35 million gallons, flood irrigation

Climate: 115 – 135 frost-free days

Who feeds you? What if you could get all of your food from people you know? You would know your food was grown right. Your money would stay local and come back around to you. You might have some food security come apocalypse time…

Taos County is big on local food. Our farmer’s market is the 3rd largest in the state.  Many restaurants make a point of sourcing local ingredients. There are thriving CSAs, growers’ cooperatives, and value-added producers.  Yet, nearly all of us still go to the grocery store for the majority of our calories. We survive on food from afar.

Our goal at Costilla Farm is to grow our own food—all of it.  Cereal grains, beans and peas, meat, eggs, dairy, maybe some fruits and nuts, whatever survives in this cold, dry, windy valley. There are plenty of excellent fresh vegetables available locally, so we’ll leave those to the experts (see Cerro Vista Farm).

I may be a fool to think we can do this, but it has been done here before. Not long ago this place was totally self-reliant. I know we won’t get rich farming in the high desert. One thing is for sure: we will get educated.

If we prove to be even slightly competent, we should end up with some extra food. That’s where you come in. If you live nearby, you will be able to get this well-rounded-100%-local diet. Just click the get fed button below and we’ll keep you in the loop. First come…first fed.

Summer campers from Sangre de Cristo Youth Ranch jump with joy at the first flood flow on Costilla Farm