At Localogy, we know that educating our youth is up to the whole community.  Children are constantly learning from their environment.  If we want young people to thrive in the real world, then we should let the world be their classroom.  That's why Localogy is proud to provide student experiences for RWCS.

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Roots and Wings Community School is an innovative public charter middle school based on Expeditionary Learning, a nationally acclaimed school reform model.  RWCS provides a place-based curriculum in collaboration with Localogy.  The school often uses the ranch as an outdoor classroom.

Children learn more effectively when learning for a purpose.  RWCS uses thematically linked learning expeditions to drive content across disciplines.  Localogy provides an additional service-learning dimension through freeafter-school, elective, and multi-day experiential programs.   On the ranch, learning moves beyond simulation into meaningful action.  Abstract concepts from all subjects are demonstrated with practical, hands-on application.

Roots and Wings students actively make the world a better place.  They experiment with cutting-edge concepts and technologies.  They are leaders in developing vital infrastructure and capacity.  They help their neighbors.  Engaged in learning, RWCS students become valued members of the community.