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Localogy is volunteer powered, and nowhere is that more apparent than at the annual SCYR Work Party Weekend.  Parents, alumni and friends of the camp descend on the Sangre de Cristo Youth Ranch on Friday with tools and materials in hand and by the time we pack up from our celebratory river float on Monday, the camp facilities are ready for action. 

The weekend is a great time for new campers and families to get to know the place, for old campers to come home, and for other do-gooders to enjoy making a difference in a beautiful place with some really nice people.  

  • No skills or tools required - just a good attitude.
  • Families welcome (no formal childcare provided).  
  • Show up for a half day, or stay all weekend.  
  • Tasty meals are provided ($3-5 suggested donation per person per meal).
  • Claim a cabin, pitch a tent, bring the camper, or find lodging nearby.

 If you are someone who likes doing an honest day's work, with good friends, and good food, for a good cause- you can sign up for the next WPW using the form below.  Usually held on the second weekend in June, we camp out, work, eat, and play together on the Ranch, just like at camp!  On Monday volunteers are welcome to stay for the lazy Rio float with our incoming summer staff.

After all, if we don’t do it ourselves, who will?  Sign up here: