5 Days to Make the Movie!

Localogy’s grassroots media arm is flexing.  Recognizing the power of film to shape the ideas that shape our lives, and the necessity of placing that power directly in the hands of the people, we are excited about the dramatic feature film, “Baby Lu”.  Ascending director Emily Ray Reese is intent on telling rare, genuine stories that put the typical tired, warmed-over Hollywood plotline to shame.  Learn more about the project: click here.

Back in the day, Emily started our summer camp film program, guiding the campers all the way from script writing, through the final edits of the youth-produced epics “Mr. Q” and “Kiss of Death”.  Ms. Reese has come a long way from her camp counselor days- wrapping up a Masters at the prestigious NYU Graduate Program in Film and Television.

Production of the film will be based at the Ranch with a largely local cast and crew.  Local youth will be mentored in a full-fledged top-flight film production.   Baby Lu has 5 days to reach its funding goal, and it's all or nothing.  if you support taking our culture to a new level, donate here and pass this on to all your friends and make it viral.