Rewilding the Way

Todd Wynward and Tyler Eshleman led the first Rewilding the Way Wilderness Trek in 2016. The expedition gave adult participants an opportunity to step into the wilderness for a time of reflection, space from dominant culture, spiritual formation, and renewal of vision and energy for a lifetime of climate and justice advocacy.

Todd Wynward (Localogy Board Prez / Author of Rewilding the Way: Break free to follow an untamed God) and Tyler Eshleman (Tilt Program Coordinator) and some wild-ones have been to the mountain top.

Rewilding included backpacking deep in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains and rafting down the Rio Grande—grappling with the complexity of water in a place where water is so precious, yet is also squandered and polluted. The challenges participants faced on the trip afforded them a deeper understanding of the ways in which they engage with, and learn from, their own environment.

The Rio Grande, the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, and the people of this watershed have much to teach. The trek empowered those who participated to not only learn and become attentive, but to return to their own communities and act with a "rewilded" spirit.